Home Studio Set Up

Music Industry has undergone big changes with time. Earlier music was made and recorded in big size recording studios, which involved a lot of money and time. These were the places where a number of iconic songs have been composed. To make that happen, the technology which was used required a huge storage space in studios, basically everything was hardware oriented.

Thankfully, due to digitalisation now it is possible to create the same level of music with much greater expertise of the software instruments and plugins at home. Now the time is of DAWs that are supremely capable of giving the best output for your sound (provided you know how to get your work done from them).

Here, we are going to guide you about how to set up your home recording studio? 

The above picture says it all. So basically you need 5 things to make your home studio.

  1. A computer: Macbook Pro/Imac/PC.
  2. An Audio Interface that converts analog signals to digital signals.
  3. A MIDI keyboard that sends the analog signals to audio interface.
  4. Near feel Monitors that gives you the output of your sound. At initial level you may start off with good quality studio headphones too.
  5. A Dynamic Microphone to record vocals.