Logic Pro X

A complete software for all your production needs

Hardware requirements
  • Model Name: MacBook Pro.
  • Model Identifier: MacBookPro11,5.
  • Processor Name: Intel Core i7.
  • Processor Speed: 2.5 GHz.
  • Number of Processors: 1.
  • Total Number of Cores: 4.


  • 1220 definable key and MIDI commands
  • 90 recallable screens
  • 200-step undo history
  • Full plug-in latency compensation, also for external audio and MIDI gear
  • 1/3840-note resolution for MIDI events


  • Audio file and I/O resolution up to 24-bit/192kHz
  • Maximum project length greater than 6 hours at 96kHz; 13 hours at 44.1kHz
  • High-end dithering algorithms (POW-r, Apogee UV22HR)
  • 64-bit summing engine

Score Editor

  • Up to 16 independent voices per part
  • Over 4000 pre-defined chord grids
  • Tablature supports up to 16-string instruments with any tuning

Score symbols

  • Notes and rests for various lengths
  • Auto-adapting multi-bar rests
  • Key and time signature symbols
  • Clef signs
  • Slurs and crescendo/decrescendo symbols
  • Various note head types including percussion styles
  • Accents, bowing marks, fermatas and other symbols that apply to specific notes
  • Phrasing marks
  • Trills and other ornaments, tremolo symbols
  • Sustain pedal markings
  • Bar lines, repeat signs, and Segno and Coda markings
  • Chord symbols
  • Chord grids and tablature symbols
  • Page and line break symbols
  • Support for Bravura font
  • MusicXML import and export

Plug-ins and Sounds


  • 69 effect plug-ins including Pedalboard, which includes 35 stompboxes
  • 23 software instrument plug-ins
  • 9 MIDI plug-ins
  • Custom instrument-tuning system including 97 fixed tuning presets, equal-tempered, custom and Hermode tuning
  • 18 instrument and effect plug-ins with True Surround support

Sound Library

  • 2894 Patches for Audio, Auxiliary, Software Instrument and Output tracks
  • 7238 Apple Loops covering a wide range of genres
  • 991 EXS24 Sampler instruments
  • 4161 plug-in settings for 101 plug-ins
  • 38 Ultrabeat electronic drum kits with 950 unique drum sounds
  • 1060 reverb spaces and warped effects for Space Designer
  • 54 groove patterns for Arpeggiator MIDI plug-in


  • Up to 255 audio channel strips
  • Up to 255 software instrument channel strips
  • Up to 255 auxiliary channel strips
  • Up to 256 busses
  • Up to 99 external MIDI tracks
  • 15 inserts for internal or Audio Units effect plug-ins
  • 8 inserts for internal or Audio Units MIDI plug-ins
  • 8 sends per channel strip, pre- or post-fader, or post-pan
  • 32 groups for audio, software instrument or MIDI channel strips

Control Surface Support

Extensive support via control surface plug-ins

  • Apogee Electronics GiO
  • Apple Logic Remote for iPhone and iPad
  • CM Labs: Motor Mix
  • Custom Recording Light
  • Emagic: Logic Control, XT
  • EuCon protocol support for Euphonix / AVID Artist series control surface systems
  • Frontier Design Group: TranzPort
  • hexler: TouchOSC
  • JL Cooper: CS-32, FaderMaster 4/100, MCS3
  • M-Audio: iControl
  • Mackie: Baby HUI, HUI, Mackie Control, C4, Extender, MCU Pro, MCU XT Pro
  • Novation: all AutoMap-compatible devices
  • Radikal Technologies: SAC-2k, SAC-2.2
  • Roland: SI-24
  • TASCAM: US-2400
  • Yamaha: 01V96, 01X, 02R96, DM1000, DM2000
  • Comprehensive support for any control hardware via MIDI Learn

Additional plug-ins available from third-party manufacturers

  • Frontier Design Group: AlphaTrack
  • Jazzmutant: Dexter
  • M-Audio: Axiom, Axiom Pro, Axiom AIR, Oxygen
  • PreSonus: FaderPort
  • Roland: V-STUDIO 20
  • Smart AV: Smart Console


Support for all standard surround configurations

  • Quadraphonic
  • LCRS
  • 5.1 (ITU)
  • 6.1 (ES/EX)
  • 7.1 (SDDS or 3/4.1)


  • Open projects from Logic 5 or later
  • Open GarageBand songs directly in Logic Pro X
  • Support for Core Audio–compliant MIDI and audio hardware
  • Support for Audio Units effect, instrument and MIDI plug-ins
  • ReWire support for Propellerhead Reason, Ableton Live and other compatible applications
  • Import/Export of AAF and XML (Final Cut Pro X) projects
  • Import/Export of MIDI regions as MIDI files, export of MIDI and audio regions as Apple Loops
  • Import/Export music notation to MusicXML
    Play AIFF, WAV (BWF), CAF, SDII, Apple Lossless, eligible MP3 and AAC (non-eligible files will be converted to PCM)
  • Record AIFF, CAF and WAV (BWF)
  • Bounce to AIFF, WAV (BWF), CAF, MP3 and M4A (Apple Lossless, AAC)
  • Burn any bounced audio directly to CD or DVD-A (PCM audio only)